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Our Vision and Values

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“Advanced Fire Fixed Systems strives to become the preferred fire solutions provider in Africa”

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  We will achieve this vision by providing a one-stop service to our customers.

We believe that a sound organisational culture will inspire our people to higher levels of accountability and encourage them to assume more responsibility for outcome rather than for mere activity. Given the importance of safety and protection, this is non-negotiable.

Quality is at the core of all our values. Our Value Set comprises:



  Believing in possibilities,driving to realise potential and wanting our customers to be proud to be associated with us.  

Work Ethic

  Consistently exceeding expectations and inspiring others through our disciplined approach to work.  

Product/Brand Loyalty

  Being loyal to our suppliers and business partners.  

Respect and Integrity

  Working in a fair and values-based way. Respect starts with us, and by living our values set we will uphold our integrity.  

Entreprenuerial Spirit

  Continuously collecting and generating innovative ideas to improve on our solution offering to our customers.

Staff Centric

  All our employees are autonomous at all levels, enjoying an interdependent culture, contributing towards our vision and living our values.  

Our BBBEE Credentials

BBBEE Contributor Level: 1
Procurement Recognition Level: 135%

Solutions, Services and Products offered

We design and install fixed fire detection and suppression systems that are both superior in quality and value, providing significant customer satisfaction in product, solution and service.

Our turnkey offering includes the design, installation and maintenance of all fixed fire systems, consisting of:

>  Electronic Fire Detection and Control Systems
>  Gas Suppression Systems
>  Foam Suppression Systems
>  Twin-agent Hose Line Fire Suppression Systems
>  Pre–engineered Dry Chemical Piped Systems
>  Water Suppression Systems
>  Kitchen Fire Suppression System
>  Portable Fire Fighting Equipment
>  Fire Vehicles and Fire Suppression Trailers
>  Fire Support Equipment
>  Evacuation Systems
>  Maintenance Solutions

We provide these services to the following industries:

>   Construction
>   Mining and Process Plants
>   State-owned Enterprises
>   Hospitality
>   Industrial and Manufacturing
>   Service, IT and Banking
>   Commercial
>   Storage
Advanced Fire Fixed Systems Sub-Saharan Footprint

Sub-Saharan Footprint

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  South Africa Branches Country Wide  
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  Africa Namibia, Botswana, Zambia and Mozambique  
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  Current / Recent Projects Tanzania, DRC, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, Eritrea, Mali, Gabon, Cameroon, Madagascar and Zambia  
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  Future Prospects Angola, Nigeria and Ivory Coast  
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